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Project Timeline

  1. Q1 - 2019

    SPOKpark crow-funded & Promotions & First Beta Platform launch with #DICE game.

  2. Q2 - 2019

    Platform improvements & Bug fixing & second game #RING launch.

  3. Q3 - 2019

    Continuous Platform improvements & third game #ROCK launch.

  4. Q4 - 2019

    Bug fixing and continuos Platform improvements. New beta website cover launch.

  5. Q1 - 2020

    SPOKpark has started a new project called ATA messaging protocol system to allows send and receive messages to and from a TRON valid wallet address.

  6. Q2 - 2020

    SPOKpark will enable the possibility to play with SPOK token on #DICE, will have a look on possible strategic partnership & SLOTs integration.

  7. Q3 - 2020

    SPOKpark 2.0 now live. TRC20 fully integrated, Play SPOK on #DICE available, new Dividends Distribution Model and Daily Prize Top 10 Wager added. New SPOK SNAKE in-House game released.

  8. Q4 - 2020

    Airdrop Promotion, Bug fixing, Community improvements & New HEADS or TAILS in-House game released.

  9. Q1 - 2021