How to swap SPKL TRC20 to SPKL BEP20

STEP 1: Open Metamask Plug-in

First go to Metamask Plug-in, set it for Smart Chain & Copy your #BSC wallet address where you want receive the SPKL BEP20 token

STEP 2: Open Tronlink Plug-in

First go to Tronlink Plug-in and send your SPKL TRC20 following the instructions below:

  • Write on "Receiving Address" our official SWAP COLD WALLET address:

  • Write the SPKL TRC20 "Transfer amount" to swap.

  • Enable "Transfer notes" setting.

  • In the Note section, write your Binance Smart Chain wallet address where you want get SPKL BEP20.

  • Click Send button and wait the Transaction Confirmation.

STEP 3: Check "SUCCESS" Transaction on Tronscan

Go to Tronscan Transaction link and check all the info required for the swap.

STEP 4: Wait the SPKL BEP20 token

After a short period, you will get your SPKL BEP20 token directly on the #BSC Wallet address added in the Transaction Note. Pay Attention!!! The SPKL TRC20 tokens collected from the swap will be immediately burned to reduce the circulation supply.